Specialised legal advice aimed at companies operating in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices sector.


The services provided by F&E in relation to this sector require a high level of specialisation, based on understanding of the specificities it presents, which are mainly the following:

Ongoing advice on commercial, corporate, regulatory and contractual matters related to the ordinary activity of companies in this sector, both nationally and internationally.

Support and advice in complying with the sector’s legal and ethical regulations, including obligations on regarding transfers of value.

Drawing up, negotiating and reviewing contracts related to the ordinary activity of businesses in this sector.

  • Confidentiality and data access agreements for third parties with CROs and research teams.
  • Distribution, product purchase, manufacturing, supply, storage and licensing contracts.
  • Contracts linked to the development of clinical trials and observational studies, with investigators research centres, CROs and other third parties providing services in the health sector.
  • Service provision contracts with health professionals in accordance with the previsions established by the pharmaceutical industry’s Code of Good Practice.

Advice on complying with data protection regulation and patient autonomy in the context of clinical studies.

Advice on the matter of industrial and intellectual property and know-how.

Advice on procedures before the Spanish Pharma industry Agency.

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