Specialised legal advice for the design and implementation of effective Model on Prevention of Criminal Risk (“Criminal Risk Prevention Model”), based on article 31 bis of the Criminal Code and the Circulars of the State Prosecution Service. As with the rest of our services, we can carry out this work in English upon client request. Circular 1/2016.


Our objective is for the companies to have a clear, precise and effective Criminal Risk Prevention Model. Our models can be perfectly adapted to the company and its particular risks. We design compliance policies for companies in English upon client request.


The services provided by F&E in this area are mainly the following:

Due diligence to diagnose and detect the main criminal risks that the company is exposed to.

Development of risk maps.

Designing and drawing up the protocols, policies and internal codes aimed at preventing and detecting criminal risks.

Defining the competencies, operating rules and composition of the internal crime prevention body. Integration in this body as a permanent legal advisor.

Designing and supporting the implementation of periodic verification procedures, updating and adapting the model’s effectiveness.

Supporting the business in designing and carrying out training plans for employees and directors.

Designing and supporting the business in implementing channels, both internal and external, for reporting non-compliance with the model or the existence of risks.

To design and support in implementation of procedures for detection, communication and sanction for cases of non-compliance, both by employees and third-parties involved in the company’s corporate domain.

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